Okay, so I’m a Trek geek. Sue me. (Actually, on second though, please don’t.) I also write some fanfiction. Why? I told you all about it here. I suppose I should link this stuff and, you know, share it. But you aren’t allowed to make fun of me, because if you do, I will beat you about the head with a stout stick.

Just sayin’.

Here you go, some fanfiction:

My P/C

  • Snow Falling Softly— Alternate Universe TNG: Redone Sub Rosa, Bloodlines, Journey’s End. Nana has died, but Ronin never existed. The intrigue remains in the three people left behind by the death of Felisa and how her death changes the lives of the captain and the doctor.
  • In the Depth of Winter— The sequel to Snow Falling Softly. Completed.
  • Another Gambit— I decided that the second part will have actual chapters. I really should go back and rewrite this, but I’ll finish the sequel first.
  • Another Gambit II— sequel to Another Gambit.
  • Ashen Moon— a coda to Another Gambit
  • In Paradisum—Christmas a year after the end of In the Depth of Winter. You’ll have to have read DOW or you’ll be a might confused.
  • The Long Black Veil—Three people make their confessions.

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Fanfiction by other authors:

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