I have incredibly sensitive skin. My skin sees a razor and it freaks out before I even take the safety cap off. Not shaving isn’t a choice for me. Why? Oh, just childhood trauma. My mother neglected to lead me into the way of female bodycare (and my mother did shave her legs) and when I was twelve, I got the hell teased out of me for not having shaved legs. So whatever, it’s society’s conditioning, but dammit, it was the South, it was harsh, and I want smooth fucking legs. Deal.

Anyway. I went to [insert evil music here] Wal-Mart and grabbed three different kinds of shave gel and four different types of razors, chosen by sight or because a friend recommended them.

The Candidates:

Shaving Cream/Gel/Whatever
Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel, Sensitive Skin
Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel for Women, Sensitive Skin
Satin Care
Soft Shave Moisturizing Shower Shave Lotion for Women, Extra Sensitive
Soft Shave

Gillette Sensor3 3 Blade Disposable Razor for Women
Gillette Sensor
Gillette Daisy Ultragrip
Gillette Daisy
Schick Xtreme 3 Triple Blade Closeness Razors for Women with Vitamin E
Noxzema Triple Blade Disposable Razor
Noxzema Disposable

The Method:
I’ll choose one shaving cream and use one of each razor with it. I’ll rate the razor on the factors of closeness, razor rash, during shaving feel, and post shaving feel. For the cream, I’ll have to see how it affects the factors of the razor. Ratings will range from 0 (don’t try this razor unless you’ve had a recent tetanus shot)-10 (Bliss. Smooth Bliss) and have commentary.

God save my legs.