Skintimate Skintimate vs. Gillette Daisy Disposables Gillete Daisy

Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel, Sensitive Skin
Comparison Pending Use of Other Creams

Gillette Daisy Ultragrip

During Shaving: 8
I’m not sure if I’m biased because of my last experience with a razor on my leg (the last test not anything dirty, you sick people), but this razor didn’t feel like a razor. I barely noticed it was scraping up my leg, except for a couple spots around my ankles. But really, who doesn’t screw up around their ankles?

Post-Shaving: 8
Legs not demanding for moisturizer too badly. Normally, my legs shout quite loudly for it.

Razor Rash: 7
You wouldn’t know that four days ago I had smallpox.

Closeness: 6
Not as close as a triple blade, but damn close enough.