Skintimate Skintimate vs. Gillette Sensor3 Gillete Sensor

Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel, Sensitive Skin
Comparison Pending Use of Other Creams

Gillette Sensor3 3 Blade Disposable Razor for Women

During Shaving: 3
At first, I thought things were going, well, smoothly. It was wonderful, I couldn’t feel a thing. But this razor acts like a slow acting hot pepper. Just when you think you’ve made it through all hunky-dory, the burning slowly makes its way across your tongue and throughout your mouth, lighting you on fire. Despite my being ensconced in my shower, my legs were afire right as I finished shaving my right leg. My left leg, remembering the horror that was the Noxzema Razor Test, plead for mercy. I swear I could hear it through the cascade of water from the shower. Like some slasher movie chick begging for her life from the Nasty Bad Guy in a pounding rain storm as the Nasty Bad Guy cackles and kills her anyway, the rain washing away the evidence. Like said Nasty Bad Guy, I cackled (well, no, I didn’t cackle, I would’ve gotten soap in my mouth), and killed my leg (well, no, didn’t kill the leg either, but I certainly shaved that fucker). However, the shower did a piss-poor job of washing away the evidence. My husband commented on the remenants of shaving cream on the curtain and swore when he stepped on the razor’s safety cap.

Post-Shaving: 3
Dear God! Moisturizer!
*Added later that day–well, evening–my legs itch like hell!

Razor Rash: 6
Not as bad as I thought when my legs screamed for mercy while shaving.

Closeness: 9
What hair?