So, every month, Nathan and I trek up to North Conway to have my sister cut our hair. Yes, it takes two hours to get there. But hey, it’s my sister and we get to go to the North Country. Anyway, last time we went, I finally toted my camera (the good one) and tossed on the prime lens (50mm fixed f1.8) since it has a slim profile and allows the camera with the battery pack to fit nicely in my bag.

We also had time for me to keep stopping on the way back. So now I’ve got evidence as to why the drive doesn’t suck.

First of all, we get to see Mount Washington—

The first place I pulled over is a small overlook just outside the shopping outlet area offers views like this—

And this—

This too—

…wait, no. That’s just my husband once again wondering why he married a photographer.

But that’s not all!

We keep driving and pass a couple small lakes that tend to have glass for a surface instead of mere water. It’s around sunset, so we’re treated to views like this:



even the leaves on the trees that’ve passed their peak have something to offer.

and post-sunset, there’s still some views left—

…so that’s why we don’t mind driving all that way and back.

Oh, and the wonderful company of my sister. That too.

Here’s the whole set.