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25 Mar 2007 03:53 pm

I took this shot in a store called The Penguin in North Conway, NH. I highly recommend a visit there, it’s a really neat store.


…the book’s title is How to Shit in the Woods.

And I must say, as someone who wants to go camping in the White Mountains and has not for a few reasons including the subject of the book, I was nearly compelled to buy the book.

17 Dec 2006 12:09 pm

The hardest photos for me to take actually aren’t any of the ones that are the more technically challenging (fencing photography comes to mind) or the photos that require a significant amount of serious physical exercise to get them (anything up in the mountains for certain). The hardest photos are the ones of myself. They aren’t the hardest because I need to do a delayed trigger, a remote trigger, or find someone to be my bitch and trip the shutter on my command. They’re the hardest because they’re me.

Maybe it’s the fear of not exactly knowing how to capture myself. I can certainly capture other people, places, animals, things, whatever. But myself? It’s a scary and difficult capture. Another part of it is that shallow human being inside of most folks that thinks oh my god, do I look that bad? And another part is well, who the hell am I?

But does anyone know themself that well?


Recently I came into the possession of several hats and shot a bunch of photos (see Badass!Hat entry for part of that shoot) and a great deal of them were of me.

Of all of them, the Badass!hat ones were the easiest because I was playing a part. I was being a badass, and as much as I’d like to claim otherwise, I’m not a badass. Badass, by the way, is a really fun word to say, right up there among smock and scowl.

I’m me, whoever that is.

So I play with the camera, trying to mess with its mind (I’m sure it has one), playing all these different parts, but I’m not certain that any one of them is actually me.

I can stare the camera down:
—but when I look at it, I’m thinking You can see my scalp!” not that I’m going bald, it’s a bad gel choice on my part. But I think it anyway.

I can glare at the camera:
—but due to the depth of field of the shot (f/2.8 fellow photo geeks), my head looks detached from the rest of my body (and sometimes, I’d love for it to be so).

Or I wear a hat and hide my face:
—and think “Oh my god, are my ears really that small?” They are, by the way, there’s no denying that. My sister says that they haven’t grown since I was two.

Or I might grin and bear it:
—and think that I look like I am incredibly concerned that the camera pointed at me is going to rip my ears off the moment that I blink.

Or I can tell the camera to get the fuck away:
—and yet still think “Wow, I really need to stop picking at my thumbs.”

I could also subtly tell the camera off:
—but question whether or not I’ve got a double chin. “OMG, do I?”

Try for a look at me! pose:
—and wonder “Do I look like a cancer patient?” (I’m not, by the way.)

I could try lost in thought:
—but that’s an awfully white arm right there and my camera-shutter-trip-bitch has focused on my hand for some odd reason (you can see the focusing error in the larger size).

An attempt at a generic pose:
—but clearly, you can see exactly what I’m thinking. “Camera-shutter-trip-bitch, I’ve got a pom-pom on my head.”

Or I could finally deem to smile:
—and be told “Oh, you have such a cute smile.” No I don’t. And one of my eyes looks wonky.

And by the end, I’ve had it:
—oh, and camera-shutter-trip-bitch, you lied when you said my hair looked fine. And holy shit, maybe I am going bald.

I’m not sure any of those are me.

I’ve got one photograph that I actually see as me. This is me:
—I’m a little kid, five or six or seven, lost in thought. The shot uses natural light, something I use so much in my own photography. This is the one photo I have of me that makes me think, “Hey, that’s me.” But I obviously didn’t shoot that photo.

Now, this isn’t about finding myself, that’s an entirely different train of thought. It’s about somehow being able to capture myself in the ways that I can capture other people.

Where do I find myself in a camera?

17 Dec 2006 11:21 am

I think most people are familiar with the photo of me wearing a red, fuzzy Badass!Hat. In fact, it’s my avatar in most places because it’s so damn badass.

Badass! Hat

However, I do not own said hat. We found it in the West Point PX and while we took photos of me wearing it, we did not purchase said hat.

Since then, another like it has not been found.

Yet we’ve found another Badass!Hat nonetheless. It is not red and fuzzy, it is pink and terry.

And I purchased said hat because I will not let another Badass!Hat pass me by.

But I need to figure out which photo is the most Badass!—

Pose One:

Pose Two:

Pose Three:

Pose Four:

Pose Five:

Which photo is a worthy successor to the original Badass!Hat?

13 Nov 2006 11:20 pm

I took this series of photos at one of the more recent tournaments I photographed. The bout between these two fencers was exciting and highly emotionally charged. Anyway, I thought I’d share.

Self Defeat—


11 Nov 2006 03:37 pm

So, every month, Nathan and I trek up to North Conway to have my sister cut our hair. Yes, it takes two hours to get there. But hey, it’s my sister and we get to go to the North Country. Anyway, last time we went, I finally toted my camera (the good one) and tossed on the prime lens (50mm fixed f1.8) since it has a slim profile and allows the camera with the battery pack to fit nicely in my bag.

We also had time for me to keep stopping on the way back. So now I’ve got evidence as to why the drive doesn’t suck.

First of all, we get to see Mount Washington—

The first place I pulled over is a small overlook just outside the shopping outlet area offers views like this—

And this—

This too—

…wait, no. That’s just my husband once again wondering why he married a photographer.

But that’s not all!

We keep driving and pass a couple small lakes that tend to have glass for a surface instead of mere water. It’s around sunset, so we’re treated to views like this:



even the leaves on the trees that’ve passed their peak have something to offer.

and post-sunset, there’s still some views left—

…so that’s why we don’t mind driving all that way and back.

Oh, and the wonderful company of my sister. That too.

Here’s the whole set.

26 Sep 2006 12:34 am

Bwhahahaha! In foil.

He’s so happy, he wants to give everyone a hug! (He’s the fencer on the left)

Anyway, I actually was able to hang around and feel well enough long enough to get some photos at the last tournament. Turned out to be a pretty good set, too. How about that? Here’s the entire set and some highlights of my own:

Check out the S-curve on this blade. Freakin’ sweet.

This shouldn’t even be possible

You can only fly for so long—

I wonder if this hurt…

We also get flying lessons after intermediate courses.

It’s not football. Really.

I know how he got this touch. Magic.

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