You know, after choosing to concentrate on photography as my career, it’s like a whole new world opened up that I’d closed off a couple years ago. I mean, I’ve photographed in that time–as my gallery will attest to–and my skills with the camera have gotten better. But I hadn’t experimented in a long, long time. Nathan and I visited my dad’s place last night and played pool and darts with my sister, father, and my father’s girlfriend (who is pretty cool, I might add). Then I started to get ideas and realized while I had brought my camera (lesson learned days ago), I hadn’t brought my tripod or external flash needed for my ideas in such low light to get the crispness in the places where movement blur shouldn’t be.

You know, you want blurry balls but not a blurry background (unless your panning, then you get sharp balls).

Damn, pool is as Freudian as fencing.

Anyrate. Photos like these —


Look cool, but they could look SO much better if I’d set it up correctly.