On Sunday, I broke a tang clean off an epee blade. You’ve no idea what a tang is? Let me show you one one of my non-broken blades (this, by the way, is one of my favorites. it’s a chevalier FIE maraging blade). The arrow points out the tang.


Since this is one of my favorite blades, let’s have another look at it.


It’s so pretty.

And no, that’s not the blade that’s now useless, or there’d be a lot more crying.

The blade I broke the tang off of was just a boring, stiff as a pole standard blade.

The two pieces together:


aaaaaaand, the two pieces apart:


The little blue things sticking out are bits of wire. And it was such a NICE wiring job. 🙁

One more view:



I will just keep repeating to myself that at least it wasn’t an expensive blade.