I think most people are familiar with the photo of me wearing a red, fuzzy Badass!Hat. In fact, it’s my avatar in most places because it’s so damn badass.

Badass! Hat

However, I do not own said hat. We found it in the West Point PX and while we took photos of me wearing it, we did not purchase said hat.

Since then, another like it has not been found.

Yet we’ve found another Badass!Hat nonetheless. It is not red and fuzzy, it is pink and terry.

And I purchased said hat because I will not let another Badass!Hat pass me by.

But I need to figure out which photo is the most Badass!—

Pose One:

Pose Two:

Pose Three:

Pose Four:

Pose Five:

Which photo is a worthy successor to the original Badass!Hat?