April 2007

22 Apr 2007 02:39 pm

Go here for anything new after today—Distracted by Air.

Just moving over to another domain because it’s easier to type it out. Everything here will remain here, but any new stuff will be posted at the new domain.

Mmm. Shiny domain.

Of course, you LJ users get to have the same feed. But why oh why can’t you comment at my site? *sniffle*

02 Apr 2007 09:01 am

A topic stolen from sakeriver

Right On: The six day taper of prednisone has made the really sore spot on my spine disappear after having it for a couple months.

Right Off: My shoulder has tossed a mere glance in the direction of the prednisone and said “I don’t know who you think you are, but I’ll have nothing to do with the likes of you.”