April 2006

27 Apr 2006 05:06 pm

Revolution sounds cool.

Wii does not.

It’s pronounced “we.” As in second person plural personal pronoun.

Wii is the name of the nintendo revolution.

I’d write more, but I’m too busy laughing my ass off.

03 Apr 2006 05:47 pm

Coming into work, I held the door open for a Yankees fan.

I knew she was a Yankees fan because she was wearing a Yankees jacket.

And I still held the door.

I feel dirty.

01 Apr 2006 12:26 pm

So I just saw a commercial for one of the most ridiculous things ever.


They’re trying to take away teh funny. Little dogs, TinyDogs, half the fun of having one is to watch those little fuckers try and get up onto a bed or couch or other high spot. They jump up, bounce off the bed bed just below the edge they’re trying to reach, getting sent to the ground, then try it ALL OVER AGAIN.

It’s OMG FUNNY, yeah?

Their little ad video even has a scene of this:

DoggySteps. You can find them here if you feel so inclined to purchase them.