January 2006

30 Jan 2006 10:52 pm

The XT body writes to quickly to the card and shoots off bursts so much more quickly than the original dRebel that I almost wet myself the first time I used it.


Anyway. Here’s a few shots from the practice run at a club night.
I had no idea that the fencer on the left had dropped his weapon. No clue until I was browsing the images in my Photoshop CS image browser and I said, “When the hell did [fencer on the left] drop his foil?!”

This really doesn’t look right. Is he hugging him or something…else?

I don’t think you ever really got a good look at a fencer’s face with the original dRebel (OdR from now on). This one, you can see the amusement on his face!

Even in the air, Cole (fencer on the left), has a pretty good en guarde.

I love how it seems like they’re flying sometimes.

White men CAN fly.

I played with ISO (800 vs. 1600). 1600 ISO on the XT is better than 800 ISO on the OdR. Insanity. I also tried spot metering vs. evaluative metering in terms of getting the best DOF. Spot metering seems much better, but still, um, spotty.

18 Jan 2006 12:20 am

“Sounded like he thought a short acting speed drug for bedtime is helpful for people like you who get bored trying to fall asleep unless something hits you with a sledgehammer.”

—a friend about a presentation on new treatments for ADHD that she attended and how new findings could apply to me.

The best part is that each of my doctors has recommended either a sledgehammer or baseball bat in order to make me fall asleep. More than once.

17 Jan 2006 10:49 pm

I just made a livejournal meme.

Yes, that’s right.

Check this baby out: What Meme Becomes You?

See, I made it to make fun of all the weird anonymoushatememes in the LJ community. ‘Cause really, I don’t understand it. It’s like making a slam book when you were a kid. It’s just asking for a beating. Actually, it’s a beating that would hurt less and be over quicker.

If you don’t want to take the test, here are the possible outcomes:

You Are:

Turn to your best friend and have them kick you in the pants, right now. How’d that feel? That’s nothing compared to what you’ll find if you start an anonymous meme. “Comment anonymously, IP logging off, anything you want to say”–those are the things that others prey upon, and they will feast upon the flesh of your untarnished soul, rip it to shreds, and leave you crying in the corner, wishing you had thought of the kittens.

Instead of trying to survey all your commenters and find you Who Hates You Teh Most, just contact me and I’ll bash you over the head with a spade instead. Less time and effort and it would hurt less.

Otherwise known as One Sick Twisted Bastard. Some people only get cheap thrills from hearing bad things said about them, but you know better. It’s the biggest thrill of all, baby. Hit you, spank you, tell you to get the fuck away and you’ll keep coming back for more of your hatred. I’d hit you over the head, but you’d like it, and tell me to hit you harder.

That’s fucking creepy, man.

You’re the one who leaves random comments that mean nothing at all. You type things like COCK! ASSHOLE! TWAT! and WHAT ABOUT THAT GUY IN JERSEY!? and confuse the hell out of everyone. Then you get pissed when people shout back “FUCK THAT GUY IN JERSEY! I HATE HIM, AND YOU TOO!” I’ve taken my ten foot pole and multiplied it by a thousand and then some and that’s how far away I’m staying away from you, you crazy fucker.

You live for anonymous memes. You will spew forth vindictives that would make a lesser being cry, but as you are a god, you live for the smiting that the crying of the lesser being signals. You killed your grandmother so you could user her corpse for a halloween decoration, you steal the right training wheel from bikes of small children and watch them crash into mailboxes with glee, and you eat puppy dogs for breakfast, just to start the day off right.

…so who are you?

16 Jan 2006 11:25 am

Eliminate all weakness and become the king!

—That was the subject line of some spam in my inbox this morning. For once in my life, I didn’t mind it, because it amused me. It amused me even more when I opened it up and on the inside it said: in bed.

A fortune cookie!

I wonder if W got this spam. Maybe I should forward it to him. ‘Cause he’d get it and be “OMG, how’d they know?!”

13 Jan 2006 01:07 pm

Today we’re playing the CNN headline game. A game where I read CNN.com and post my thoughts. Maybe even sometimes, I’ll link shit. Here goes…

CNN Headline: Truckers asked to look for a suspicious man.

Besides being shockingly obvious that truckers should be looking for suspicious looking sorts in the first place, isn’t that rather vague?

Person in Charge to trucker. “I want you to look for a suspicious man.”

Trucker. “You mean, like, a one-armed man? Or we talking dude has a radioactive glow kind of suspicious?”

CNN Headline: Nikon Will Stop Making Most Film Cameras

That’s a disturbing article. Not that moving into the digital age is bad (it isn’t) or that I’m a Nikon camera buff (I’m not, I use Canons and sometimes, cannons), but that they’re discontinuing so many film SLRs. They’re only keeping the top-of-the-line and the very bottom-of-the-line, which really limits choice. Of course, folks are supposed to start buying the DSLRs, but while they’re coming down in price, they’re still not down enough for most hobbyists. Especially when you compare features and price from film to digital SLR. For thousands of dollars in a DSLR, you can get the same features in a film SLR for much, much less.

Hell, or enough starting-out pros. Not that I’m bitter about having a DIGIC I processor in my DRebel and not a DIGIC II, or the look-down-upon-you view that so many pros have on people who use DRebels. Grr. I’d have a 20D or a 5D (*drool*) if I could afford it.

CNN Headline: Watch: Cameras record brutal attack on homeless man

…why the fuck would anyone want to watch that?

CNN Headline: Is your city mean to the homeless?

Yes. Next question.

Honestly, what city isn’t mean to the homeless?

CNN Headline: Merkel: We will not be intimidated by Iran (subheadline: Bush, Merkel united on Iran’s nuclear threat)

Bush+Iran+nuclear missles+”We won’t be fucked with, dammit, we’re America!”=nuclear war?

Does that scare the shit out of anyone else, or am I the only one?

I’m going to go crawl under a rock.

08 Jan 2006 11:03 pm

So, making my rounds of the various forums to which I belong, I stumbed on a reference to this article that outlines Ron Moore’s (you know, the creator and exec producter of the wonder new BSG series) top five science fiction stories. Number five is Harlan Ellison’s I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. One passage in it struck me if you think about it in reference to the Cylons:

We had given AM sentience. Inadvertently, of course, but sentience nonetheless. But it had been trapped. AM wasn’t God, he was a machine. We had created him to think, but there was nothing it could do with that creativity. In rage, in frenzy, the machine had killed the human race, almost all of us, and still it was trapped. AM could not wander, AM could not wonder, AM could not belong. He could merely be. And so, with the innate loathing that all machines had always held for the weak, soft creatures who had built them, he had sought revenge.

—Harlan Ellison, I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream

In rage, in frenzy, the machine had killed the human race, almost all of us, and still it was trapped.

—The Cylons killed (nearly) the entire human race.

AM could not belong

—The Cylons still haven’t managed to entirely belong in their faith because they cannot reproduce.

with the innate loathing that all machines had always held for the weak, soft creatures who had built them

—Can’t you just hear Six’s ‘loathing of humanity’ voice in that statement?

mmmmm. Must read more Harlan Ellison. I could probably go all English-major on the story, but Seroquel is starting to take effect.

…and Nathan’s feet are stinky. Good lord.

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