July 2005

13 Jul 2005 10:37 am

Leon Paul USA Shoes and Socks


Check out the top pair of fencing shoes. Check out the price.

Check out the Adistar Fencing shoes. Check out that price.

I just got the Adistars at my last tournament. I’d been using my Classic Sambas but had a ton of trouble with the arch of my foot. Getting shoes for fencing that work without spending a ridiculous amount of money is pretty hard. I guess because fencing is such a specialized market that the shoes becoming ridiculously expensive.

There’s looks to consider as well. You can spend less, but damn…

No, I did not pay THAT much for the adistars, in case you were wondering. I did get a discount.

Anyrate. The LP shoes aren’t bad at all. Augh! Why couldn’t they have come out SOONER?

07 Jul 2005 09:12 am

terrorism is a very fucked up thing. my heart goes out those in london and other places that are victims of human short sightedness and brutality.

05 Jul 2005 04:29 pm

So, yesterday Nathan and I visited my dad and his girlfriend for the Fourth. We played bocce ball, pool, darts, etc. An interesting day, to say the least. I had the opportunity to shout from the basement to my father the following:


That question, of course, was in reference to the bocce ball set he claimed was down there. Yes, we did eventually find the balls.

Later that night, we ended up playing darts. I’m winning, all I have to do is hit a single bullseye.

Mmmm. That’s right. All. I. Have. To. Do.

Anyway. So Dad’s GF says, “She can do this in one dart!”

Nathan replies, “Pfft. She couldn’t do it if she had TEN darts.”

I throw a dart. Not only do I hit the bullseye, but a DOUBLE bullseye.


03 Jul 2005 09:50 pm

I’d say that CSS sucks my will to live but I think it has a lot more to do with what happens when I get into a project. I get a problem in my head and I have to SOLVE it. The problem’ll take up residence in my brain and I have to keep solving it. Coding seacoastfencingclub.org took a couple days. It’s decent enough for a first CSS attempt of an entire site, but isn’t quite as good as it COULD be. Now I’m playing with madowl and it isn’t behaving.

And now my eyes are crossing!