June 2005

30 Jun 2005 08:51 pm

Nathan to me: “Are you sad that you can’t have sex?”
Me: “Well, that’s one thing, but isn’t why I”m sad.”
Nathan: “Why are you sad?”
Me: “I have no ice cream.”
Nathan: “And that’s more important than sex?”
Me: “Well, I can’t have sex AND I have no ice cream.”
Nathan: “So chocolate ice cream makes up for no sex?”
Me: “No, but it’s a start.”

27 Jun 2005 05:20 pm


weekend in boston for the pomme de terre. pics here. More later. Need food. Need fence. Sleep is a possibility, too.

23 Jun 2005 11:06 am

My sister called me on Tuesday night to tell me that she and my father had been in court again that day with my mother. This time over legal fees and those items that my mother didn’t get: the snowmobiling gear my sister has and the antique sword that I have. My mother also claims that everything else she got from my father was damaged and that she’s still missing 20 odd baskets (there are NO MORE BASKETS in my father’s house!). Mind you, my mother got a lump sum from my father in the amount of $33,000 (money from him refinancing the house). She wants more money from the house (!), the missing items, compensation for the damaged items.

In court, my father’s lawyer established that the gear and the sword are not in my father’s possession, one belongs to my sister, one belongs to me.

The judge finally turned to my mother and asked, “Are you seriously wanting me to issue a court order to your adult children to give you things that they consider theirs?”

My mother replied with a yes.

A ruling hasn’t been made yet.

My sister said she’ll…well, I can’t repeat what my sister said, but it had something to do with the gear ending up in my mother’s nether regions.

But…the sword, I found out, my grandmother gave to my father. Then my father gave it to me. I’m a fencer. I love fencing, I will fence until I am completely physically unable to do so.

I’m not giving it up.

21 Jun 2005 10:23 am

CNN.com – Police: Lions free kidnapped girl – Jun 21, 2005

How COOL is that?!

20 Jun 2005 10:35 pm

Check this out. Digital imaging meets CT meets burning a cd of your “films” and you getting to copy that CD to your hard drive before handing it over to the ear, nose, and throat doc.

Inside my head

20 Jun 2005 05:50 pm

soooooo…take a gander at the gallery. I was just trying to do a quick format thing today and instead learned CSS by accident and created a new skin, along with modifying the navigation bar, putting more than one row of photos on the index page, and getting thumbnails square.

My head hurts.

Gimme feedback, people.


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