December 2004

31 Dec 2004 02:48 pm

Levesque gave me this card for Christmas.

Very, very appropriate, I think.

I’m definitely going to keep up with the comic now, since it seems to be going pretty well.

Seven days till the wedding. O_O

Another best friend got me Super Scrabble! This means hours and hours of Scrabble goodness.

I love my friends.

26 Dec 2004 05:35 pm

Cool New Crap on the site:

The webcomic ADHD publishes it’s first strip in the new ADHD section.

The first part of the snowboarding movie The Back Edge over in the new movies section.

Note on the new photo: Levesque laughed at it (she’s the ghost) and asked, “How come I’m taking ghost pictures when I normally take incredible shots?” after telling her to shut up, I explained that I LIKE the photo and I think it looks COOL. So whatever. Now it’s on my home page. Screw you, scuba steve!

Cool New Crap in my life:

I’m getting married January 8, 2005. This has been a long time in the planning and arranging. Soon to be Nathan posted a thread about it on another site here.
There’s disagreements and well-wishes, and I’m cool with both. Not everyone one will be happy, and you can’t live your life trying to make everyone happy, because in the end of that, no one will be happy. However, listening to others opinions and respecting their right to express them is cool. And we plan on doing so.

20 Dec 2004 02:57 am

This does TOO count as an update.

Chill. There’ll be a so-called real one soon.

Damn people. You act as if my life is interesting! It’s boring! Just ignore the neck sprains, broken knuckles and random night snowboarding trips.

19 Dec 2004 02:18 am

So I did.