November 2004

27 Nov 2004 09:47 pm

“Why the HELL did I go towards the ice!?”

That wasn’t Levesque. That was actually a little kid who had bombed right towards a pool of slush and wiped out, one little ski-clad foot resting in the pool. Poor kid.

“AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!!!!!!!”…that was the little girl decked out in a pink parka screaming the entire way down the beginner’s slope.

Levesque’s reply: “I know how you feel, kid!” Levesque is goofy. I mean, we all knew that, but she RIDES goofy, too. This didn’t get figured out till we were on the beginner’s slope for the first time. Wait…back it up. This starts last night as Levesque says she got paid and we were going to NOTB.

Note: don’t go there.

We got some salesdude who seemed damned intent on selling her high-end stuff. 1. she’s on a budget. 2. she’s a beginner, she doesn’t NEED high end stuff and once her mid-level gear wears out, she can get high end. It took no end of manuvering to get him to let Levesque direct what she wanted. His first suggestion for a board had graphics that, swear to god, looked straight out of Hello Kitty. I mean, if she had that board, I’d be on my ass laughing the entire day on the slopes. Without a break. Next board was a pale pink–not quite as bad, but somehow he’s got Levesque pinned as a Barbie. Then come out the high-end boards. These DO have nice graphics. Sweet colors. But hot damn, high-end-expensive and not in any of the sale packages they have. We chase him off. Examine boards ourselves. Find a board (did I mention levesque is small enough for a kids’ board and boots and bindings which means an upfront $200 savings?!) that she likes that’s in a package. It’s major selling point besides price?…it has a monkey on it.

Salesdude comes back. Levesque announces her board choice.

“What are your reasons for picking that board?”

It’s a POP QUIZ!?

Levesque says, “Um…it has a monkey.”

True. It had a monkey. And was in a package. On to the boots–yet again, kids boots. First he tries to get her into the women’s boots. They cost more. Except kids boots fit better. Chase him off, get boots. In the end, Levesque got all geared up for snowboarding for a pretty good price. But neither of us will be going back to NOTB again because of Salesdude who kept trying to sell Levesque what she didn’t need–even AFTER she explained, more than once, what she had for a budget and what she needed.

We did get stickers. Like little kids at the doctor’s.

We wake up at the asscrack of dawn. I turn on all the lights as levesque snores away on the air mattress. I’m up and ready–Levesque is still passed out. Jumping up and down and shouting like it was Christmas morning got her up. Bleary eyed we stop for gas, then stop at Dunkin Donuts. I get confused at the drive-thru and at first order a “Bluecheese bagel.”

“A what?”

“I mean, a blueBERRY bagel. With cream cheese.”

A stop at the bank to deposit a work check. No pen. No pen. No pen. Whoever watches that security tape will get a good giggle.

…back to Levesque being goofy. At first she tries to ride regular (because the Salesdude argued with me and said that she rode regular because of the push test, and I said he interpreted it the opposite of the snowboard place I go to) and well…she rides goofy. Get the bindings switched, go back out.

Levesque manages to STAND! *applause*

Lesson time. I freeze my ass off for ninety minutes as levesque falls on her ass.

And fall on her ass.

And fall on her ass, as is normal for boarding. She made out pretty well. Just a bruised right asscheek, strained right wrist, torqued left hip flexor, banged up left shoulder.

She’d hooked. Loves boarding! ANOTHER CONVERT!

Just to add…we also got tailgated by a hearse with high beams on the way home.

15 Nov 2004 02:50 am

You have to play this game: Worms World Party.

It’s so ridiculously silly that’s it’s great fun.

It’s kept me entertained in the wee hours of the night that I’ve become so familiar with.

Go. Play.

Ski season…I mean, SNOWBOARDING season opened up in New Hampshire this weekend when Bretton Woods opened up four of its 101 trails. Too bad Bretton Woods is two hours from here. However, McIntyre–five minutes from here–opens up in December.

All Day I Dream About…Snowboarding.

07 Nov 2004 04:29 am

I can’t sleep. I’m wide awake right now.

So I just watched Supersize Me.

Holy shit. The guy puked on the second day. His liver went all to hell and he had doctors yelling at him to stop the “diet.” He showed how the chicken nuggest are made. Dear God. I’m never having those again. And I LIKED them. Dammit! Damn. 60% of Americans don’t exercise. I can’t imagine that. NEVER playing any sports? I’d go nuts. I can’t get rid of enough energy in the FIRST place.

And then this guy (not the filmmaker) kept using the word “hectoring” instead of “heckling.” He did this at least 5 times within a minute. That word usage had me standing up in my living room and shouting at the TV for him to “Fucking use the right word! USE THE RIGHT WORD!”

Apparently I need to sleep more.

Actually, I should sleep. Why can’t I sleep?

*bangs head on desk*

05 Nov 2004 02:46 am

Flash Transformer

Viking Kitties

The Exorcist as Re-Enacted by Bunnies in 30 Seconds

Five More Minutes

Foamy’s Rant

I am a card carrying member of the foamy card cult. So there.

I can smell your brains.

05 Nov 2004 01:39 am

I’m serious.

Well, my now-ex-internship people were. I was bored. I admit, bored to tears. It was my task to awaken and get ready in time for an 8 am start to be bored for the next 8 hours. Not only did I get to be bored for an 8 hour chunk of time, but I got to start really early, too!

Gah. It wasn’t the population (old folks are cool) but the work itself was…nonexistant. I walk in. We all say good morning. I get teased because I’m not awake yet (my brain doesn’t even think about turning on till about 10 am). I didn’t have a desk. Dammit, I didn’t even have a CHAIR of my own. I’d then do nothing until the staff meeting 30 minutes later. There’d be staff meeting. I’d sit there and look…well, not pretty that early in the morning. Everyone went around the table giving a short summary of what they’d be doing for the day.

I got skipped over.

Every. Single. Day.

Probably because I did nothing. Anyway, we’d go back to the office. I’d find a chair I’d staked out as my own (alas for me the mornings I walked in and found stuff piled up on it). The supervisors would remember that I was there that day and try and figure out something I could do for them.

One idea was to have me read through all the charts on the first floor to find out which ones needed social histories. Cool. I go and read the charts. I make my list. Check it twice. Wander back to the office. Present the list.

“You’re done already?”

It’d taken me an hour.

“Um, yeah.”

“That fast?”

“Um, I read fast.”

Apparently that task was supposed to take an entire day. Crud. Anyway, it went on like that. In the meantime, I got smacked with The Actual Flu and then My First Sinus Infection. Those bastards HURT. I met with my advisor. Advisor agreed that it was too easy for me. Said I shouldn’t be bored. Site visit scheduled.

Well, I’m an idiot and missed the site visit. My advisor told me later that day over the phone that they had complained that I wasn’t excited enough.

Excited enough? To do NOTHING all day?

Obviously, I’m getting another internship. But, damn. I need to stop getting bored so easily. It’s really getting to be a problem and I think it makes me an asshole.

04 Nov 2004 02:07 am

The Red Sox won the World Series.

I got my nails done.

…and liked it.

The two events are not related.