July 2004

30 Jul 2004 03:19 am

Costs too much to move to Utah. Not just in monetary goods, but stability as well. Peace of mind, I guess. My mind is acting all up and getting odd (hence the visits to the docs). So I get to stick around here. I think I’ll apply at EMS (that’s Eastern Mountain Sports) for non-social-work job. And stick with school.

Now my brain just has to keep itself away from upstairs.

Yet. WTF? Why’d he say YET?


Stupid drunk bastards.

30 Jul 2004 03:15 am

Can anyone explain to me why it’s necessary to get hammered and go to a midnight premiere AND sneak beer in?

I mean, okay, if it’s your third time seeing Dodgeball, I can understand the need to be shitfaced.

But to the first showing of The Village?! Do you HAVE to fuck up the experience for everyone else? You can’t take back a first viewing of a Shyamalan film.

All the intense scenes had the intensity snapped when the giggling started.

Let’s all laugh at the blind girl.

And shout stupid things at the screen.

ARGH. I am so pissed.

Good movie, though. Go see it.

Stupid drunk bastards.

30 Jul 2004 03:12 am

Much rejoicing! The averatec arrived safe and sound at 4pm-ish today. First delivery attempt failed since, despite having people in each part of the building, he knocked on no doors or rang any doorbells, and insisted that no one was home. I called fedex–they delivered later.

In the meantime, I’d dropped off my car to get serviced and tooled around town on my bike. Stupid bridges are designed horribly around here. There is NO WAY to cross the bridges on bikes safely AND legally. There isn’t enough room on the road for bikes and cars, but it’s illegal in NH to ride a bike on a sidewalk. Biking itself was nice though, definitely a fun and good workout.

Today was really on the wierd side. Can’t sleep–didn’t fall asleep till five-ish. Woke up at eight, dozed till quarter till ten when I heard the Fedex truck making its getaway. Eyes tired all day but not the rest of me. Saw the psychiatrist, another interesting visit.

“We need to get you to sleep.”
“No shit. My friends suggest a baseball bat.”
“Well…you don’t need the head trauma, it wouldn’t be good for your schooling.”

“There’s this sleep med I’m thinking of, but it’s really old.”
“Like, how old? Older than me?”
“Actually, I think it is. It’s supposed to knock people on their ass.”
“So if it knocks MOST people on their ass, don’t you realize that–”
“Yeah..nevermind. You’ll be asleep for days.”

“What about your safety? Do you need to be upstairs?”
“No, I’m fine.”
“You know, I don’t even know why I bother asking you that. Every time, you say ‘No, I’m fine.'”
“Don’t ask stupid questions. I NEVER need to be upstairs.”
“Well, I don’t see the need for it, yet.”

“It’s okay if I get arrested, my shrink is at the jail.”
“But I’m not going over there. And I won’t release your records either. You’d have to deal with some new doc who has no idea about your case. I’m mean like that.”
“That’d suck.”
“So don’t get arrested.”
“I’ll make note of it.”

“Okay, and I want you to call me if you need to.”
“Right, because I’m REALLY GOOD at that.”
He gives me a long stare. “That was sarcasm.”
“Because you SUCK at calling when you need to.”
“I know.”
I got a glare for that comment.

He also reminded me twice again on my way out and when paying me bill to call him if things got wierd.

I’ll make note of that.

29 Jul 2004 02:16 am

It does.

So I went to get a replacement for my busted up…

Oh, wait. I didn’t tell THAT STORY FIRST.


My Sony Vaio PCG-TR2A decided to commit computercide and leap off my coffee table onto the thinly carpeted floor below. Two feet, right? Straight fall? Of course, I heard *BAM!* and I said “Shit!” and went to rescue the tiny (3 lbs with battery, it’s the size of a hardback book) computer.

Damage assessment: Cracked bottom case. Busted RAM slot (RAM stick okay, moved to open RAM slot), busted PCI slot, busted DVD/CD ROM, busted lock/release mechanism for the battery…but wait, there’s more. I boot it up (it boots! Yeay!)…only for the sound not to work. In fact, the tiny computer (nicknamed Tiny on my network) is pretending it has NO IDEA what a soundcard is. In fact, it’s telling me that “I don’t have a soundcard, you idiot.”

I called it a few choice names in return. None of them were Tiny.

Anyrate, this soundcard is integrated onto the motherboard.

FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, I could’ve done this much damage if I’d drop kicked the damn thing, and at LEAST had the pleasure of dropkicking a computer. Now, this little puppy is under warranty. I call up Sony.

Get some dude in India. Cool–gotta love globalization. Anyway…Sony has three tiers for repair. First tier: minor repairs. Price? $100…I’m sorry, unlucky customer, your computer is not behind Tier Number One.

Tier Number Two: Major repairs/replacements (motherboard, This Means You). Cost of parts and labor. Woooo, Tiny! You are Tier Number Two. Estimate for repairs (JUST for the mobo replacement) $768.73. o_O…I can get another laptop for that. And probably a laptop that won’t bust up from a two foot fall.

Oh yeah. THREE tiers. Tier Number Three encompasses Acts of God.

How cool is that? I suppose I could make the case that my computer’s suicide was an Act of God. But talk about the paperwork…eff that. Thing is, when you REALLY get down to it, ANYthing could be an act of God, right? Right. Moving on.

I spend a couple days bitching. Very happy to have my trusty heavy-ass Gateway (DS Solo 1450 SE) laptop (this is my workhorse desktop replacement. This baby’s got 1G of RAM in it. mmmmmm. listen to it PROCESS, man!) Mind you, I’ve lost count of how many two-foot-drops this thing has suffered. In fact, it suffered the VERY SAME FALL as Tiny within two days of Tiny’s demise.

As you can read, this thing is PERFECTLY FINE. I don’t think there’s even a scratch.

So Tiny is a pretty little paperweight. Gateway is trusty but heavy (8 or 9 lbs, I meant it when I said desktop replacement). As much as I love this ‘puter, it’s getting on my nerves in terms of portability. I mean, compared to a desktop, it’s hugely portable, but compared to Tiny…well…yeah. Outclassed.

So I go searching. I can’t lug the Gateway (well, I could, but I’d be pissy about it) to classes, specially on my bike. Newegg.com has a nice replacement for Tiny. Small, lightweight, good for on the fly few photo processing, internet surfing, DVD viewing, and typing, right? Awesome.

I place the order on Sunday. Pay for overnight shipping and rush the processing time (why would it take 2 business days to put a laptop in a box and ship it? $2.99 and magically it takes them an hour. Whatever). They’re processing stuff on Monday. Cool. Tuesday I get an email.

Address for my credit card could not be verified. Hmmm. I go and check my bank’s site. Charge went through. How odd.

I call up newegg. Get a dude I CANNOT UNDERSTAND. He admits it though, and is perfectly nice. So I think…I don’t get half of what he says. Anyway, I tell him that two digits in my zipcode are transposed, fix those, and we’re good to go.

He says okay.

Two hours later, I get another email with the same “Your address is fucked up and not what the bank says” only in nice terms.

Dammit. I call the bank. Bank says, “Um…it all matches. They’re on crack.”

…okay, they said it all matched and they had no idea what was going wrong. He gives me a special number for newegg to call.

I call back newegg. I get the same dude. Dunno what is name is because I couldn’t UNDERSTAND IT. Argh (no, he’s not from India, he’s from California…oh…it all makes sense now). Anyway, I tell him that while they’ve managed to not screw up the billing address, the ship to zip code is still screwed up.

“Oh, no, it’s fixed, they’re both the same.”

“Oh, okay. Um, I talked to the bank, they said everything matches, they gave me this number for you—.”

“You talked to the bank?”

“Yeah, I just said that.”

“Okay, I’ll make the notation. Have a good day.”



I go play some KOTOR. Go out for dinner with friends (newegg is on PST, you see). Since my shiny new laptop is being overnighted, I should get it on Wednesday. HA!

I get back. Another email.

“Because fedex could not print your address because of an error, your order has been voided. This error occurred because your shipping zip code was wrong.”

1. I corrected him. He insisted it was correct.
2. Why didn’t they look at the VERIFIED BILLING ADDRESS zip code instead of voiding the entire fucking thing?

I digress. I call up newegg. Get some dude (a different dude, by the way. His name is Brian). Brian says for me to re-place the order, make it as a check payment, and he’d have accounting transfer the funds from the voided order over to the new one.

Sweet. I could still get my computer tomorrow (this is Tuesday).

I do so. I call him back, as he instructed. Except now he’s exceptionally busy (says Ivan, the guy who talks to me now). Ivan seems to have no idea what’s going on, and no idea how to carry on a conversation while typing. Long, boring conversation of *clickclickclick*. Mission accomplished, order all set.

So this morning, I bop onto the ‘net to check the status.

It hadn’t even been packaged yet.

The hell?

Fuck it. I voided the order because new egg SUCKS EGGS. I went to Averatec’s site and ordered this replacement instead (the HW model–more RAM..mmm..RAM).

It’ll be here tomorrow morning before 10:30 AM. I just checked the status–it was packed and shipped hours ago.

This new one better not commit computercide. Maybe I should have the hardy Gateway teach it some lessons on learning how to fall.

After all, my lack of grace is certainly an Act of God, covered under Tier 3 of the warranty.

21 Jul 2004 04:12 pm

You heard me.

I want it to stop. :o(

19 Jul 2004 05:02 pm

The cost of renting a Uhaul truck: $2400 plus gas plus labor
The cost of a moving company to move and haul your crap: $2000
Moving to a new town with cool opportunities and close to a bunch of good friends?: $2000


Just got back from a weekend with my family at Great East Lake. By family, I mean my grandparents, my uncle and his girlfriend, my sister, and my dad (the extended family folks are from dad’s side).

Why did this happen?

Thursday was spent at court all day watching the final court proceedings of my parents’ divorce. My impression of the day:

My sister testified about my mother not having any contact with her for two years. My mother had this horribly angry look on her face. Dad cried hearing it. o_O That was wierd. And my sister told me he cried last night when she told him I was going to come up.

My mother comitted perjury because of me, actually. I mean…in the morning, when I wasn’t there, she said a couple blatant lies. But the only witness who could testify that they were…was me. When I was there in the afternoon session, my mother ended up contradicting herself. *sigh*

It was hard though. My dad and I have such a harsh history and while he’s unable to be an effective or even good father, I can actually see that he DOES give a crap. So…that’s hard to really grasp and deal with. And then my mother was so ALONE. I mean, Dad had me and my sister, his parents, his oldest brother and his girlfriend all there at court and after to support him.

My mom…just had her lawyer.

I know without a doubt that my mother is bipolar (undiagnosed and untreated of course. It’s lead to infidelity, wild shopping sprees…etc. She’s wrecked her life. She’s the third of my grandmother’s seven children to do so because of the illness. It’s like…Mom, get some help, and you won’t suck.

I also found out some other hard things: Mom was really neglectful to me when I was a baby. At one point, she and my father were separated and she stopped taking care of me. Mom’s older brother called my dad’s parents and they came and got me and they and my father took care of me for the next year. Mom also dislocated my left shoulder by yanking on it when I was a year old.

Just..disturbing stuff.

I mean…my dad DID actually try. My grandparents kept talking about how my mother just set him off, and orchestrated the fights between me and my father. From a clinical point of view, mom was raised in a chaotic household until her father left her mother (her father is bipolar). Could mom be creating the chaos of her childhood? It’s possible. Or are my grandparents excusing my father’s behavior? Also possible. With dad, I’ve seen ALL emotions from him. With mom, I’ve just seen anger and emptiness.



On other fronts, I’ve arranged the dang expensive move to Provo for the end of August. WHEN did U-Haul get so effing expensive?!

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