May 2004

31 May 2004 05:41 pm

Day One:

[I]Wake up, body[/I] my brain says. Body says no. Brain registers time on clock. [I]Body needs to get a shot in half an hour[/I].

Body curses and grudgingly gets out of its nice, warm bed.

So Friday started out with me having to get the final shot of my hepatitis B vaccination series at nine a.m. Great fun was hadóand I didnít even bleed. Katie (katharina) calls while Iím impaled with a needle. When I check my messages and call Katie back, I learn she wasnít able to get onto the 8:45 a.m. flight and would catch the 11 a.m. flight from Dallas to Newark. Unfortunately, this meant the earliest flight she could catch from Newark to Manchester would be at 8:45 [I]p.m.[/I]. Sucks.

Then she calls later to let me know Dave (Taalcon) would pick her up and theyíd drive up together. Cool. Figuring out times of arrivals and departures of planes and automobiles, I figure theyíd leave around four-ish.

Around six-ish, I get another Katie call. ìWeíre leaving Newark now.î
ìItís a long story. Dave got a ticket and we missed an exit and then missed another exit but weíre on the right highway now and on our way.î

:grumble: Two hours later I get a call telling me theyíre in Connecticut. An hour and a half later, ìWeíre eighty miles away!î

Forty-five minutes later. ìWe were wrong. We werenít eighty miles away. But I think we are NOW.î

:wallbash: Katie and Dave arrive around 10:45 p.m. EST and we lug their stuff in. Katie immediately settles and checks email and Dave to follow. Iím hungry, Dave is hungry, need to socialize, so we head out to the Red Arrow Diner after forcibly dragging Katie away from the computer (this is after ten minutes of us saying ìletís GO!î and Katie saying, ìIím coming! I really am.îÖand not budging). After circling the block around the diner for ten minutes (construction), we park and go in. The server comes to take our order.

Dave orders a BLT. I order a cheeseburger. Katie says, ìDo you have any fruit?î
The server blinks.
Dave and I stare at Katie. I say, ìThis is a DINER.î
Dave says, ìA DINER.î
Server says, ìWe have pie.î
Katie says, ìIíve been up a really long time since early this morning and Iím really tired.î
Dave and me: ìÖAnd?î
Katie, ìNo, I donít want pie.î
Me, ìYou mean itís too late for pie?!î
Dave, ìItís NEVER too late for pie.î
But, According to Katie, it was too late for pie. Katie apparently DOES love pie, as she tells Dave and me, ìI make really good pie. When I got home from my mission and got off the plane, the first thing my baby said to me was ëMake me some pie!íî.

Dave and I stare at Katie, then blink in unison.
Katie says, ìWhat?î
I say, ìBaby?î
Dave says, ìIs there something you arenít telling us?î
Katie says, ìI said my baby BROTHER.î
Dave and Me: ìNo you didnít.î

We eat and return to my apartment, continue chatting and set up airbeds and change into jammies and continue chatting. I remember the package Nathan had sent me and now it was technically Saturday the twenty-ninth (Nathan had written on said package Do Not Open Till Saturday 29th). I open it and he, along with Katie and Dave and Pat, a quad (this is a book containing the KJV bible, BoM, D&C, and the pearl of great price). It√≠s navy blue (favorite color) and has my full name embossed on the front cover. There√≠s a note inside as well. 😀 Nathan isn√≠t logged into AIM and isn√≠t at home and [I]doesn√≠t have a cell[/I]. Argh. I wait. At some point, Katie makes a comment about √¨That√≠s many people√≠s conception.√Æ

Dave and Me: *blink*

Around three a.m. we begin to play a game of Truth or Dare. We realize weíre too tired to think or go through with any dares, so basically we end up playing a game of Truth. Katie starts by asking me, ìTruth or dare?î
Me. ìTruth.î
Katie asks me, ìWhat was your first kiss?î
Easy. ìJoey Green in kindergarten.î
Dave says, ìThatís such a broad question. It needs rules. It has to be your first romantic kiss. Was that a romantic kiss?î
Me, ìAre you kidding? I just kissed him because I wanted to play with his Transformer!î
Katie and Dave: :rofl:
Nathan logs onto AIM, chatting begins. Nathan joins in the game. Dave asks Katie, ìTruth or dare?î
ìWhat was the most embarrassing thing to happen on your mission?î
Katie is plainly mortified. ìI canít say it. Itís too horrible. Itís so horrible that I did that, I feel so guilty about it. I canít tell, thereís no way. I feel so guilty!î
I say, ìItís obvious. You have more guilt right now than a catholic and a jew combined.î
Katie decides to tell us a lesser embarrassing story. Dave and I continue to press for the REAL embarrassing story, because it MUST be good if Katie is THIS MORTIFIED.
ìOh my stars, I canít. I just canít. Itís so embarrassing.î
Dave says, ìThatís the POINT. It will be cathartic.î
Katie, ìOkay okay okay. This is what happened. On my mission, we went to the ward Halloween party.î
Dave and Me: ìÖAnd?î
Katie continues. ìAnd we went dressed up as NUNS.î
Dave and Me: ìÖAnd?î
Katie, ìThat was it! Isnít that HORRIBLE?! Itís so embarrassing.î
Dave and Me: ìÖAnd?î
Katie asks, ìYaíll donít think thatís horrible?î
Dave points out that the heathen perspective contains many more horrible things than dressing up as a nun. I point out that dressing up as a nun or priest at some point is practically a given for catholic youth.
Katie doesnít see our point and will spent the rest of the weekend trying to prove that she IS a heathen bad influence. (She isnít.)

At that point, we all attempt to go to bed, settling onto our respective air mattresses and/or beds and reading. Katie asks me a question. I answer. Dave hears us. ìI thought we were going to bed.î
Katie and Me: ìWe ARE. Weíre reading. Now talking.î
Dave comes in. ìYouíre making me lonely.î So we chat and chat about me getting a tattoo before I become Mormon. About our staying up as a vigil, then more appropriately, a sort of pre-Mormon-bachelorette-or-something party. Katie continues to try to prove she is a heathen by telling more stories, none of which are either scandalizing or embarrassing save one (she threw up on the guy in front of her on a plane trip from Paris). I look at one of my windows. ìIs it getting light out?î
Katie says, ìNo, itís still dark.î
Dave goes over to the window, opens a drape and says, ìGood MOOOOOOOORNING!î Yeah, itís dawn. Five a.m.
I say, ìHoly sh*t!î
As Katie says, ìHoly crap!î Thus illustrating the difference between the heathen and non-heathen perspectives.

And then we REALLY go to bed.

Day Two:

We all wake up reluctantly about noon-ish, shower, dress. T-minus five hours till swim. We head out for lunch at Pappyís and eat some of the Best Pizza Ever. After a stop at the drug store (and my Last Iced Tea), I take Dave and Katie to my alma mater, Saint Anselm College and tell them monk stories from my years there. As we drive past the Abbey Church, Father Mathias is opening the churchís doors. We tool around campus for a bit, then realize itís getting close to four and we have to get back to my apartment.

We begin assembling clothes and needed items (dry and clean underwear, stuff to fix myself up with after swim, etc) and picking out dress clothes. Then changing. Sarah and Chris show up (exwork friend and her fiancÈ). I finish changing. Weíve got all our stuff and are ready to go.

Except Dave forgot his dress shoes. We call the elders to try and rustle up a pair.

T-minus 45 minutes. 😮

We arrive, put our stuff down. The font is ready to go. Weíre shown what to wear, Dave doesnít have white pants, so he has to wear a jumpsuit. Honestly, these jumpsuits HAVE to be why Mormons get space-people-rumors. Theyíre definitely not the height of fashion. Iím actually horribly embarrassed to wear it and was incredibly uncomfortable for the first part of the service.

We realize that Dave not only has forgotten dress socks and shoes, but also to bring dry underwear to the church. Chris takes my keys and car and shuttles Dave back to my apartment (while in his white jumpsuit) to get the underwear. They arrive five minutes before the baptism is scheduled to beginóDave explaining that it took him ten minutes to get my door open.

There are pictures taken. While practicing how to do the actual baptism, Dave body-slams me to the floor. Walking back to the other room, Sarah bumps into a painting of John the Baptist and Jesus and knocks it from the wall.

I tell Sarah, ìYou knocked Jesus off the wall!î
Sheís laughing and all red with embarrassment.
And I say, ìAnd youíre the Jewish one here!î
She says, ìI KNOW!î and continues laughing and taking pictures of the event with my camera. Then tells me that Chris had asked her where we keep the pods.
I told her, ìUnder the baptismal font.î

After the baptism (we got it right in one try, so only one trip under the water), I change and endure teasing from Katie and Sarah as I hop around in Very Cold and Wet Clothing and then try to change into my nice dry clothes. During this, I manage to drop my dry underwear in a puddle, but save them from getting TOO wet.

After the service, we head to a ward memberís house for a shindig involving food. Partway down the long driveway, we pick up hitchhiker (just another young adult from the ward) and get to the house. Once there, we realize thereís no parking. Iím offered a ride back in a shuttle-van of sorts if I drive back out. I attempt to explain, the rest of the folks in the car get all confused, and finally I say, ìGET OUT.î

Them. √¨Fine. Be that way. That√≠s the end of this party.√Æ But do manage to get out. 🙂

At the party, I continue meeting people in my ward as Katie continues to chat with them all. Most of the time I hear, ìIím sister/brother so-and-so.î And Katie will say, ìOh! I talked to you on the phone!î

At one point I said quite loudly, ìYou know more members in my ward than [I]I[/I] do!î

We eat. Good food. Desserts, pie (banana cream, no less), homemade bread. Sitting out in the sunroom, I find out that another ward member is a founding member of the fencing club I belong to. We talk fencing for a good solid ten minutes. How cool is that?! Then, this lilí olí lady turns to me.

ìJamie. Take a good look in the mirror now, because this is the last time youíll see that beautiful figure. Becoming Mormon youíll be eating all this good food!î

Me. *blink*

Everyone Else: :rofl:

Katie announces that her foot is asleep.
I ask which one.
Katie says, ìThis one,î and points.
I promptly kick that foot.
ìOW!î she yelped. Then said, ìTHATíS YOUR FIRST SIN!î
I say, ìThat was NOT a sin. I was helping.î
The others agreed.

We depart. Well, attempt to depart as it took fifteen minutes to drag Katie the Social Butterfly away. We pick up a dress shirt for me to match my pinstripe pants and head back to my apartment. We watch an episode of Freaks and Geeks (awesome).We eat Winnie-the-Pooh fruit snacks that Dave brought with him. Katie plays with hers, I ask if she was ever taught not to play with her food.

Katie tells me, ìIím fulfilling its purpose. It would feel bad if it wasnít played with.î

Then commenced the Playing of Halo, with Dave mopping the floor with me, and both of us mopping the floor with Katie. She whines about constantly getting killed.

ìThen stop sucking,î I said. And Dave writes it on the OOC page we kept up.

Katie finally realizes why her story was so embarrassing. Not the nun part. ìWe did it with the Elders!î she blurts out.

ìWhat!?î I say.

ìI mean,î Katie explained. ìI mean we went with them, to the Halloween party. LikeÖa DATE.î

Even Dave and I had to agree that WAS bad.

We manage to crawl into bed around three a.m.

Day Three:

Waking up is hard to dooooooooo. We struggle out of bed, shower, and dress. I step out of the bathroom fully dressed aside from my shoes, but realize that my pinstripe pants are an inch longer than all my other dress pants and I have to change my game plan and pick out another outfit. Once changed, we head out to the church. Iíve missed my window of tattoo opportunity (as Mormon FAQ book I received as a baptism gift from the bishop explains is Bad For Mormons) and lament this loss of having permanent body art. Dave and Katie and I are all in serious danger of falling asleep during prayers.

Iím confirmed at the beginning of the sacrament meeting. Itís hard to really describe the feelings involved and how affirming it was to my choice. I meanÖthe blessing, honestly, managed to piss me off because it was bang-on right. The priesthood holder doing the blessing (Elder Casper) gave what blessing words that came to him from the holy spirit. And the words he spoke were true, because some of what was said would be known only to myself and God. Things he would have known that were said: ìGod says he blesses your decision to choose righteousness, blesses that you will have a forgiving heart to forgive and be forgiven by those who oppose your decision, he blesses you to be an example to your friends, family, and peers, and to receive blessings in all of the current activities in your life.î

Things that he could have known prior, but struck truer than he could know: ìJamie, God wants you to know that he loves you. He blesses you with continued courage to overcome.î I nearly cried. I am NOT a crier. Iím not.

What he couldnít have known and was said after a long pause. ìJamieÖGod blesses you to continue to be a leader in the churchÖto begin to be a leader in the church.î And Iím shocked and angry. Not because itís untrue, but because itís what I dreaded to BE true. The past few weeks, as Iíve studied and prayed and conversed on this decision, Iíd felt that I wouldnít JUST be a convert. Not a typical one. That Iíd end up not being just another ward member, but would become a leader. And I didnítÖdonítÖwant to. I hate being a leader. And I thought, when I heard the example part of the blessing, that I was safe and being a leader meant just to be an example.

Nope. 😡

We attend the Gospel Principles class, Dave and I end up telling our BoM throwing/hiding stories, much to the amusement of the ìolderî mormons. I end up chatting a lot with another sister and make plans to clean out donate stuff from my Closet of Death. Plans are also made for the other six discussions and visits and such.

After church, Dave and I are nice and go back to my apartment to change (see, Dave and I were fine, Katie wanted OUT of nylons). We go to La Carreta and good Mexican food was had. Once back at the apartment, we watch the Mormon Episode of South Park and laugh our asses off (well√ñDave and I laughed our asses off. Katie laughed her butt off. 😉 ). Dum dum dum dum dum!
Naptime. Wake up from naptime, go see Shrek 2. Dave and I figure out that Katie is made at us, but arenít sure why. Sheís walking about 20 feet ahead of us, like weíre bratty younger siblings (and folks in my ward kept asking if Dave was my brother o_O ). At the movie theatre, we lose Katie for a bit, find her, or rather, she finds us, and she seems back to being okay. The movie was pretty good but lost tempo in spots. :dontknow:

We return to my apartment. Naps are again had. I wake up and weíre all chatty again and decide to call Rivka. Continue chatting. Dave is hungry. I am hungry. Katie is semi-hungry but will eat her leftovers from lunch. I decide to make General Gauís chicken and start sautÈing onions in light olive oil with a bit of sesame oil. Five minutes into this, Katie says, ìThat smells GOOD.î

I say, ìIím just sautÈing the onions.î
Katie says, ìYou know how little I cook.î
See, Katie used to own a pot. But a few months ago, while talking to me and Dave, she burned said pot and had to throw it out. She has yet to buy another pot. I find this fascinating. Katie decides sheíd also like to partake of General Gauís chicken. We eat the spicy Chinese food and clear our sinuses in the process. We attempt scrabble. I get, literally, all one-point tiles. Katie gets all the high-point tiles. Dave is somewhere in between. My brain decides to shut off and I try to go to bed but end up reading. Somewhere around two a.m., we all fall asleep.

Day Four:

We HAVE to wake up by eight in order to get out the door by 8:45. We make it by nine, Katie frantically packing, Dave frantically showering, me frantically trying to get them to be more frantic. (Iím not the ONLY one with a problem with authority). We pile into the car and tear off to the airport where we throw Katie out the door as I slow to about ten m.p.h.

Kidding. I only slowed to 15.

We help Katie unload and hug her goodbye, giving her instructions to call if she canít get on the first flight and weíd come and hang out with her in the airport. Off Dave and I go. We start talking about Katie and the pie incident as I drive back to my apartment. After five minutes of this talk, Dave says, ìNow Iím in the mood for pie.î

I say, ìMe too.î

We drive.

I say, ìWant to go out to breakfast?î

Dave does. We go to the Red Arrow again, just before ten a.m. We eat breakfast.

Then we have pie. Butterscotch cream and apple.

Itís always the right time for pie.

25 May 2004 10:26 pm

So, my sister called me last night and left a random message to call her back for something important. You see, my family doesn’t LEAVE messages like that. EVER. I didn’t sleep well.

Woke up at 6:30, dozed till 9:30 till a nightmare woke me up fully, stumbled out of bed (well, I think I always stumble more than I walk). Called my doc about my toenail…I ripped half of an already dead nail off during fencing last night, and still have half left, which’ll cause more damage TOMORROW night.

Did I mention last night’s fencing class was a pisser? Holy poo, I felt like I ran for MILES when all we did was an hour of footwork.

Doc told me to put paper tape on it. As I type this, I have paper tape on my right big toe. Feels funky, but secure.

After the doc, I call my sister. “What’s up?”

Her. “Nothing.”

Me. “What?”

Her. “Did you hear about Uncle Doug?” Now, uncle doug is dad’s second oldest brother (it goes Joe, Doug, Sandy, dad, David) and my godfather. Doug lives in Maine with his wife and two kids Heather and Meghan who are 21 and 19.

Me. “No.”

Her. “He has colon cancer.”

Holyshit. Doug’s like…47. And a good guy. Good dad and all that. WTF? My sister said normally it’s found at two inches and he’s at ten. No more info yet. Argh. SUCKS.

So talking to Nathan and Judie about it, I get close to tears. I DON’T CRY. ARGH. Change subject.

Took off for errands, got hit on by a guy as I walked into Rite Aid. Got flustered. Went to go get a bike FINALLY. Took forfreakingever. All this STUFF to consider. And HEIGHT. And STUFF. And bike shorts. And water. And…STUFF…and I’m not sure where my helmet is.

I think it’s in…


You see, I have two closets. One is a perfectly normal, safe closet.

The other is stuffed full of…crap. Boxes and clothes that no longer fit and a broken chair and a broken bike and ALL KINDS OF CRAP.

I really need to empty it out. It’s a nice closet. I’d like to use it. But attacking that thing would require a small squal of SEALs. Maybe I should ask the missionaries!

Anyway. This bike is friggincool. So light so I can lug it up my NarrowStairsofDoom to my apartment. I will use it forever.

24 May 2004 04:47 pm

So, I finally decide to update.

I mean, I really should’ve ages ago.

This is what’s going on.


Total Upheaval.

Aside from that…

I mean, I lost my job illegally and have to file a lawsuit. My meds got Totally Figured Out, so at least I have that. Semi-boyfriend cut ties the same day I lost my job–but a week later I’ve got Nathan. Providence, maybe. Beats me. *grin* But works for me, anyhow.

I’ve got fencing, too. LOVE fencing. Just moved to intermediate, classes twice a week.

EMT class starts July 5.

Still in school though am on summer break.