February 2004

25 Feb 2004 08:35 pm

Buy Monster Rules, now out in trade paperback.

25 Feb 2004 08:31 pm

Brendan AND Julie told me to update my blog.

Here we go. Updated damn blog.

Am doing an independent study in biopsych. I get to do a literature review on fMRI imaging in dysfunctional sensory integration. That will slide right into the research proposal I have to write for my research methods class for a research experiment. I need to actually figure out a way to DO said experiment.


And I want to get my PhD.

And I might go to Peru this summer. Maybe. We’ll see.

08 Feb 2004 12:43 pm

I should really keep up with this more. Rena updates hers WAY more than mine. I’m booooring.

Yesterday I banked on the weather cancelling class again.

It didn’t.

I was half an hour late. Bad me. But class went well and I wish we could have this professor longer, ESPECIALLY after the shitty one we our last class. Holy poo.

After class I had to rush home, clean stuff up, eat some sort of lunch, and get over to McIntyre to snowboard with Rena and her Noho crew. They’re nice folks, I think. Mike is Rena’s S.O. and cute. Very. Rena needs to find me one of those, dammit. Also along were Brian and Rachel, whom Rena kept calling Becky.

I never found out WHY.

We went boarding till about 4:30. Rena and Mike went with me and Rachel to ride the big hill. I had yet to master the ability to dismount from the ski lift without falling down and causing a big scene. Rena rode with me, I did it that way because she also had yet to master the art of NOT falling and we provided spectacular entertainment for the lift operators. Apparently the bottom crew started radioing the top crew to tell them we were on our way. o_O

At the end I figured out how to get off the lift without falling and kept trying to catch Rena. I did one time and it looked like we hugged/danced our way off the lift. Yay! We did it!

So we traipsed off back to my apartment, where I found out that New Crazy Neighbor (NCN) had let one of his guests YET AGAIN take my damn parking spot, the fourth time since he became my NCN. This is only days after he’d varnished his floors, left his windows closed, set up fans to blow the fumes into the front hallway, and filled MY apartment with fumes so that I had to open MY windows or not be able to breathe.


So we’re all chatting in my living room as we trade off time to change in my bathroom (I hope it was clean enough o_O), and NCN just OPENS my front door (the one that goes into the front shared hallway that we never lock in case we lock ourselves out and because the front door to the building is never used and has two deadbolts and a lock).

He says, “Did you just move in?”

Me. “I’ve lived here for almost two years.”

Him. “Oh, I thought the landlord was up here.”

Me. “No…”

Him. “I opened the wrong door. I’m the guy downstairs.”

I’m thinking fucking DUH.


He didn’t even KNOCK!

Needless to say, my front door is now locked. Dammit.

So the group of us go off to St. A’s to hit up the pub and show off our school.

Rena’s journal has a good account of that

After the noho crew left, I came home, changed, and collapsed into my bed. I promptly fell asleep (around eight I think) and didn’t wake up till Evil Sexy Ben called and woke me up around 11:30.

Then I played scrabble online and got the crap kicked out of me.

Never Play Scrabble Without Ritalin, Jamie.